ICW Intercoastal Waterway : bays, rivers, and canals along the coasts (such as the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts), connected so that vessels may travel without going into the sea
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMO International Maritime Organisation
IN &/OR OVER Goods carried below and/or on deck
IND Indication
INTERMODAL Carriage of a commodity by different modes of transport, i.e. sea, road, rail and air within a single journey
INCOTERMS (Refer to comments in covering statement on front page A-F)
ITF International Transport Workers Federation (Trade Unions). Complies on crewing
ITINERARY Route.Schedule
IU If Used
IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time Actually To Count
IWL Institute Warranty Limits
KEEL The centreline of a ship running fore and aft; the backbone of a vessel
KNOT A measurement of speed equal to one nautical mile (6,076 feet) per hour